Thing 4 Reflection

This thing (visual organizers) was quite fun, and a little complicated. If I could redo the whole thing, I would have not needed help from my classmates, but be able to do it all on my own. My strenghths in this Technology class are limited. Yet, during this thing, I found a new one. I was the first to find out how to import the visual organizer to my blog (Cedar Point post). I was so proud of myself, I got to be the helper, not helpee. If I could improve doing this assignment a different time, I would know how to import my visual organizer to my website/blog. I learned how to importĀ visual organizers to my blog. I might use this in school, when I need to make a flowchart or a web. It could help me at work (in the future) and at school, to help me organize my thoughts.


~ by alpha123456 on March 12, 2012.

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