Thing 5 part 2

this is for popular computer tech. These are the 2 top ones on on the most likes tab. Do you know them?

Dropbox:I do not use this at school or at home on my compuuter. I think I should though. You might use this because you can put all your files onto 1 computer, and then access them on any other with it downloaded! Awesome Right!

VLC media player:I do not use this at school or at home on my compuuter. This tech is a multi media player, that holds almost all digital audio and video formats.                                                                                                                                                                     It’s obvious why these are so popular!

You might use Vlc instead of iTunes because it is free! Also, you can see videos!!                                                                                

Another cool one is You might use this because(first thing I see) you can download, install, and then just go! I think you should have a notepad,to write things that come to mind, a bible, for religious reasons, a few games, maybe some music, to calm you down.

The school probably thinks running things off you USB is a bad idea because you might have a virus or something inappropraite.


~ by alpha123456 on April 5, 2012.

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