Thing 5 Reflection

To complete this project, I had to do many things and make sacrifices. Because of my absence on Monday, I had 1 less day to complete it. I had to sacrifice my whole lunch period, all week to complete it , and work at home. Because of this, I hope I accomplished a lot. I had to create the charts at school, save them, and export them to my post at home. If I could do it differently next time, I would have not missed Monday and therefore be caught up enough to not have to skip my hour-long prep/lunch and recess. Although, because of this project, I learned some useful skills. First, to make sacrifices to keep up. Also, to keep my attendance at school as close to one hunderd percent as possible. Anyone might use these charts, whether child, adult, or senior, to “fix” their computer troubles. This “thing” was, although troublesome, very easy in terms of understanding.


~ by alpha123456 on April 8, 2012.

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