Copyrighting Q&A pt 3

1.)  If you write a story and post it online, maybe on a blog and someone uses your idea in a movie or book is that OK?\

It isn’t OK if you ddon’t want it to be! The story is yours, and is protected by copyright laws. They can make a movie/book if you let them, to make more money,for you and yourself.

2.)  If you find old photos in your garage are they free to use?

Most likely, not. Sorry. If you own them by a will or simply by iheritance, you must register for copyright. No matter who possesses the creation, it is by law, the original creator’s.

3.)  If there is no copyright notice listed with a photo or music on the web is it free to use?

Just because you don’t see the copyright sign, doesn’t mean it’s fair use! NEVER doubt something is fair use just because the sign is missing! Copyright probably protects it.



~ by alpha123456 on May 24, 2012.

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