Reflective Essay(Thing 7)

During this “Thing” I learned a lot about copyright. I can relate  to the ignorance of people on copyright because I didn’t know about it either, as you may well know from my previous post. It is okay to use only 30 seconds of someone’s work,if music, in your presentation, for educational reasons. If you’re doing a project, you can use someone else’s ideas. Without cheating! Just paraphrase their words,and give them credit. If you don’t want anyone to steal or use your ideas that you posted online, don’t let them. It is yours. But, you can let them use it for money in return. If you find old photos, they are not neccesarily yours. Yoou can register for the copyright. Also, you can get them by inheritance or will. Just because there isn’t a copyright sign, it still might be copyrighted, so don’t try and illegaly use it!







, and Abraham Alonso. dsc_00211.jpg. 2007. Photograph. 31 May 2012. <;.



~ by alpha123456 on May 31, 2012.

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