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This is an easy ay to get to my delicious account :


Thing 6 Definitions (Late)

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Cyber Bullying: is the use of technology to harm others(mostly verbal).

This is wrong, and should not be done. It basically is when people try to hurt and/or harm others through technology.

Netiquette: is a set of social rules that keep cyber bullying to a minimum over networks.

These are the borderline rules of digital citizenship. You can find info on it at

Digital Citizenship: is a person using technology in order to engage in society, politics, and government participation.

This is basically a citizen, but in technology. You should follow the rules of Netiquette if you want to be a good citizen.

Copyrighting Your Work: My Collage

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This is my collage, which I have easily copyrighted at I made this collage at It symbolizes my love of art, music, beauty(flowers), and animals. Don’t forget pizza!

Creative Commons License
My Collae by Alpha D is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

Copyright Q&A FINALE(pt 4)

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1.)  Can a student copyright their own digital photos?

Yes! Using you can coopyright any of your work, with all the limitations you want!

2.)  Can you copyright your own artwork or music?

Again,yes! If you have created it, you can copyright it with creative commons, with any type of media: music,videos,pictures,artwork,stories/books,etc!

3.)  Can you ‘allow’ others to ‘use’ your copyrighted work and remix it with other content?

Why yes. If you want to, of course. These are called derivatives or changes. The person can change your work, but they might out do your originbal.

4.)  Can you share your work online but prevent someone else from being able to make money on what you created (prevent commercial use)?

Yes, of course!  You can allow commercial use, which will spread your creation more widely. This also lets you make money from it! Or, you can prohibit commercial use, so no one can make money off your creation but you.

                                                                                                     It’s Yours

                                                                                                  Take Charge

Copyrighting Q&A pt 3

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1.)  If you write a story and post it online, maybe on a blog and someone uses your idea in a movie or book is that OK?\

It isn’t OK if you ddon’t want it to be! The story is yours, and is protected by copyright laws. They can make a movie/book if you let them, to make more money,for you and yourself.

2.)  If you find old photos in your garage are they free to use?

Most likely, not. Sorry. If you own them by a will or simply by iheritance, you must register for copyright. No matter who possesses the creation, it is by law, the original creator’s.

3.)  If there is no copyright notice listed with a photo or music on the web is it free to use?

Just because you don’t see the copyright sign, doesn’t mean it’s fair use! NEVER doubt something is fair use just because the sign is missing! Copyright probably protects it.


Plagiarism Q&A

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1.)  Can I copy words from a friend’s paper or even their ideas?

Yes, as long as you give them credit.

2.)  How can I write about their ideas without ‘cheating’ ?

Easy. Just,again, give credit to the person that thought of it/crested it. Also, put it in your own words(paraphrase).

                                                     And Remember

                                              LIST YOUR SOURECES

                                    An easy way, to save your grade!

Copyrighting Q&A pt 2

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1.)  Can I use images I locate in a Google search online in a school report?

If the creator or the thing the picture is of ( mueseum or zoo,etc.) will let you, yes.

2.)  If something is not copyright can I use it without permission?

Ask yourself:

Does it deprive the original artist from making a  profit?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Is it for a non-profit educational purpose?

Are you only using a little?

If “yes” to all, you can. Also, look for thye copyright sign.

3.)  Is there a special permission given to students for school reports?

Yes, a little. If it is for educational purposes you have an advantage, you can use music and photos. But list your sources and/or the original creator.

 4.)  Can I post my report on my blog or webpage from school if it contains a copyright image that gives credit to the author?

When you put stuff on your blog, it is public, so everyone can see it. If you have copyrighted stuff, besides stuff for projects, it is no longer fair use.